This Summer I’m Going to Re-read…

Susan Sontag’s On Photography

Reading On Photography the first time was like a revelation. The year was 1982, and for a student at the extremely politicized Art Historical Institution at the University of Amsterdam, this book worked like shock therapy. During this period, I was forced to read the most horrendous historical materialist (Marxist) literature...

Peter Deckers: Deflating Standard

Avid Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

We do not like to be deceived or cheated. Costume jewelry has never been accepted as valuable or even being an imitation of the real. The shapes and stones are called cheap and nasty, although everything is close to the real. Our eyes can barely see that slight difference, but we perceive the two as being hugely different.

Pearls of Wisdom

Hi, my name is Vinny, and I am Margaret Hilda Thatcher’s pearl necklace. It all started back in August ’53, the year of our Regina’s coronation. There I am, in Asprey, minding my own business, dreaming about one day getting the Lizzie Taylor gig, when this geezer called Denny comes in and points a digit in my general direction.

Jiro Kamata: dark to light to dark

Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Australia

Jiro Kamata’s creative process is material driven. He elevates old camera lens elements to the status of jewels, creating technically exacting jewelry that is awash in color and a sense of play. His work is inspired by his travels in various parts of the world—the saturated colors of Mexico, a desert in Chile, old etchings in a German city.

This Summer, I Will Re-read…

John Berger’s The Shape of a Pocket

This book was conceived as a “pocket” of resistance against the fabric of inhumanity spun by the new world economic order, in the form of compelling triangular exchanges: “coming together are the reader, me and those the essays are about—Rembrandt, dogs at dusk, an expert in the loneliness of certain hotel bedrooms.”

Annelies Planteijdt: Beautiful City—Crystals

Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Annelies Planteijdt is fascinated with architectural floor plans. They reflect her way of thinking things through. She has been working on this idea for a number of years in her Beautiful City series.

This Summer I Am Going to Re-read…

Georges Perec’s Life: A User’s Manual

Put simply, the book is about the inhabitants of one Parisian apartment block. But it is not so much about people as about their vast network of material residue: what they have acquired, produced, collected, bought, lost, made, organized, or found.

Mariolina, Asti, Italy

Work Space nº12

My creative process is very simple and intuitive. I play with paper and I let myself be naturally guided by my feelings toward the final form.

Ramon Puig Cuyàs: Silence Please!

Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I am referring to the silence that listens. Sometimes you have to learn to be silent, in order to listen best. When I talk about an expressive silence, I mean the silence between two words, between two sentences, between two persons conversing, and that leaves a space for reflection.

Wunderrūma: The Auckland Version

Why You Will Want to See This Show a Third Time

Three different Wunderrūma shows in three different locations with three different outcomes: Peter Deckers unpacks the first two quite different Wunderrūma exhibitions, one at Galerie Handwerk in Germany and one at The Dowse Art Museum in New Zealand, and ponders its third iteration in Auckland, opening mid-July.