Bling Those Wrinkles Out, Grandma

One on One nº15

…and Parr did what Parr does best: ironic pictures, featuring older women and their seemingly desperate attempts to draw attention by the size (and estimated price) of their accessories—the size of the ornaments is here proportional to the amount of wrinkles.

Lauren Kalman

2014 AJF Artist Award Finalist

Specifically I am interested to see work that fully considers the site of the jewelry as an integral part of the work, not just as documentation. For me this is a necessary part of a dialogue about jewelry.

Platina: Sofia Björkman

Everything as Material

Why are we doing what we do? Why jewelry? Keeping in mind that almost everyone owns a piece of jewelry, it must have a meaning, a function. Maybe it’s pretentious to begin an interview by asking these questions, but isn’t that the innermost driving force? A constant search for something else, isn’t that a basic human need? Does this give us satisfaction that we can share? Satisfaction is personal and I won’t even try to describe it. It’s said that we get happier by sharing, so I share with my audience what I find worth sharing.

Signs of Life

Jewelry and Jottings by Lin Cheung

For those not well versed in the artful linguistic gymnastics of London’s East End, tomfoolery is Cockney rhyming slang for jewellery. It is also defined in the dictionary as foolish behavior, utter nonsense, rubbish, and it is in the space between these two seemingly unrelated meanings that British jewelry artist Lin Cheung situates her objects and jewelry. 

Benedikt Fischer

2014 AJF Artist Award Finalist

I think the field will recognize a growing stream of graduates who make autonomous objects. But I wonder if there’s a place for the object makers out there.

The “World’s First Rapper” Shows Off Her Bling

One on One nº14

Gigantic jewels were protection against insecurity and complemented the gowns, robes, and headdresses festooning her statuesque frame. Believing her graceful, attenuated fingers to be her best characteristic, Sitwell stacked two rings—featuring monstrous aquamarines—on the fourth finger of each hand, titling them Wages of Sin. “My hands are my face,” she wrote, “I feel undressed without my rings.”

Jane Dodd: Rococo Revolution

Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, California, USA

To my eyes, the brooches show the influence of Rococo; the drapery, the use of materials, an excessiveness, albeit mild by comparison to its inspiration. I allowed myself the freedom to push as far as I wanted in layering ornamentation and concept. While the pendants in the show are much more restrained, all the works are commentaries on the 18th-century attitude to the use of resources, animal and mineral, and to the skill and employment of craftspeople. 

Attai Chen

2014 AJF Artist Award Finalist

The thing that excites me the most about jewelry is that it is a branch of art that is investigated in a quite unique way. The relationship between a three-dimensional object and the human body is simultaneously a sculptural object that exists (and indeed has the right to exist) on its own, independently from the human body but still always must relate to it.

Je suis #hashtag

What’s the best way of disseminating a political slogan today? Where once the badge was a common medium for rallying calls, it now seems to have been eclipsed by the hashtag. The political messages of the day are less often worn on the body and more frequently disseminated through social media with the use of Twitter or Instagram hashtags or Facebook likes. 

Helen Drutt: The State Hermitage Museum Exhibition

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Gifts from America celebrates the hand and the survival of the creative spirit in a mechanized society. Russia and America are two countries at opposite ends of the globe whose relationship can be nurtured by ensuing dialogue. Mutually curious and respectful of each other’s achievements in art and culture, our nations can further their relationship through an exchange of political, social, and cultural events.

From the Forum

I Wouldn't Let Him Go To Jared

The Stereo Leg

Lisa Walker: Necklace