Breaking News: Ted Noten Strikes Again

“What are you going to do the next four months in your empty studio?” people asked. “Holiday,” he replied. Noten has again reached a junction, and he does not know what it will bring, or if it will lead to something. He refrains from thinking in terms of output and profit, or planning. He needs a time out.

Timothy Veske-McMahon: mirror milk

Brooklyn Metal Works, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Timothy Veske-McMahon is an artist and contemporary jeweler known for skillfully layering psychoanalysis and social commentary in his artwork. In this interview, he talks with deep consideration about his collection, mirror milk, as a reflection of society, the existence of (or lack of) boundaries between studio and life, and reconsidering the phrase “emerging artist.”

This summer, I am going to re-read…

Italo Calvino’s 6 Memos for the Next Millennium

In 1984, Italo Calvino was invited to deliver the prestigious Charles Eliot Norton Lectures for the following year, at Harvard University. Those lectures focus on qualities of literature that are particularly close to Calvino’s heart: lightness, quickness, exactitude, multiplicity, and visibility.

Sydney Lynch, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Work Space nº11

Though I’m typically very tidy and organized, right now there are sketches, stones, and groups of stones scattered everywhere, a manifestation of the multi-level whirling going on internally as I prepare for my first major show of the year.

Magic from the Ground: Ruudt Peters at MassArt

Ground extends Peters’s track record of creating bold jewelry displays in relation to the exhibition space. The Plexiglas cases are almost like coffins, and the porcelain effigies contribute to the feeling of walking into a quiet crypt. The ground becomes a conductor between our body and the work, which is only accessible when we physically and deliberately move close to the objects.

Lawrence Woodford: Way Finding

L. A. Pai Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Lawrence Woodford’s show, Way Finding at the L. A. Pai Gallery in Ottawa is an expression of his poetic love of nature and the stones that represent it. Held in place with a jewelers prong these rough rocks depict his ideas of utopia.

Seth Papac: Cali Condensation

Sienna Patti, Lenox, Massachusetts, USA

I am not interested in making slight variations of the same thing. The only design characteristic of my work that is standard is its relationship to the body. Through scale, my work consistently challenges the body, moving beyond the preciousness associated with jewelry and focusing on its efficacious and revelatory potential.

Dorothea Prühl’s Boxes

One on One nº16

What’s so special about a box? Jewelry, especially traditional fine jewelry, is almost always accompanied by a box (or at the very least a fabric pouch). It’s part of the deal, the drum roll to heighten the sense of anticipation and the sign that something special is contained within.

Atelier Munsteiner: Two-Day Show

De Novo, Palo Alto, California, USA

The Munsteiner family is famous for the wildly innovative stone cutting they have been doing now for a couple of generations. De Novo hosted a trunk show with them in June featuring both their stones and the jewelry created by this extraordinary family of jewelers. There isn’t too much available online about them so this was an excellent opportunity to get some of their background on record.

Men with Flowers: The Wear a Poppy Campaign

In December 1915, a poem written eight months earlier by Canadian poet and field surgeon John McCrae appeared in Punch. The poem’s inspiration came about by the death of a close comrade of McCrae’s during the Second Battle of Ypres in Belgium. The 15 immortal lines of “In Flanders Fields” set in motion a cultural pathway toward one of history’s most recognizable symbols.