Winfried Krüger

Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Winfried Krüger is showing his most recent work at Galerie Marzee after receiving the Marzee Prize four years ago. This prize also allowed him to produce a monograph with Arnoldsche documenting his progress as a progressive jeweler for the past 50 years. He is an important jeweler and it is wonderful to have this beautiful book about his work. He is a man of few words, but we got a few out of him.

10 Best Juxtapositions at Munich Jewelry Week 2015

Juxtapositions took on a new meaning at Munich Jewelry Week. Our contributors selected not just two outstanding works in one show, but also entire shows that were in stark contrast to what they were seeing around them. Here is our toughest and most thought provoking category by far. We present to you the best juxtapositions at Munich Jewelry Week. 

Outer Limits curated by Madeline Courtney

Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington

We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to—The Outer Limits.

Ruudt Peters’s Summer Studio, Ravenstein, The Netherlands

Work Space nº2

During the summer I worked on a new project in my summer studio. Blind.

Happy New Year!

A Letter from the Editor

Munich is a little bit like Christmas dinner for the contemporary field (certainly the bit about meeting with your extended family, talking nonstop, and going home dizzy with, well, whatever it is you had). So rather than discuss that, I would like to surf on this end-of-cycle spirit to look back at 2014, and whet your appetite for 2015.

The Absent and the Given

Benedikt Fischer in Conversation with Suska Mackert

If one wants to sort or arrange something, one never fully succeeds in finding criteria or categories for everything, to find a definite classification. That is what makes this so fantastic and beautiful. There is no ultimate order, explanation, or assessment.

Karin Seufert: KGB

Galerie Pont & Plas, Ghent, Belgium

In Brazil, I found a little object made from plastic caps that caught my interest. I started to look closer, and my fascination grew. Each cap is a perfect circle in bright strong colors; some are patterned or printed, and others have unique structures. Beautiful garbage, and easily transformed into jewelry.

10 Best Displays At Munich Jewelry Week 2015

In the sea of jewelry exhibitions that flooded Munich Jewelry Week, these 10 exhibition displays stood out from the rest. From the historic Kunstpavillon to the street, artists wanted to set their work apart and create an experience as much as they wanted a venue that would present their work in the best possible light. Here we choose the 10 most unforgettable displays, which will stay with us long after we have returned home.

Tarja Tuupanen: Marbles

Four, Gothenburg, Sweden

The slowness suits me. In general (not always), working with stone is relatively slow. These are phases in the making that are routine or repetitive—for example, you saw and face-grind dozens of stone slices, or you make the final surface for an object by hand. It is often a very technical execution, but those moments give me time to think in almost a meditative way. I don’t want to mystify it, but the slowness is personally important for the process.

Blue and Black: Curated by Joan MacKarell

Studio Fusion Gallery, London, UK

Knowing that the words “black and blue” together can be associated with sinister connections, we purposely reversed the colors in the title of the show to Blue and Black to evoke the positive concept of the colors. Also (as stated in our exhibition foreword), we learned that over 50% of both men and women choose blue as their favorite color. The combination of black, with different textures from gloss to matte, and the myriad shades of blue highlights and emphasizes the sophistication of both colors.

From the Forum

AJF AA Finalist

Attai Chen

AJF AA Finalist

Benedikt Fischer

AJF AA Finalist

Lauren Kalman

AJF AA Finalist

Heejoo Kim