Body Jewels

The exhibition shows that cross-disciplinarity takes a different path today than it did 50 years ago: The gap between different disciplines like textiles, jewelry, and even glass and ceramics is being closed by the modern “hybrid maker.” In the 60s, jewelry had already been influenced by textile art, supported in The Netherlands by the geographical proximity and political interaction of the artists. Today’s “hybrid makers” evolve their inspiration and techniques by using a worldwide net of open-source information and a network of workshops...

AVID Gallery

Wellington, New Zealand

The powerful presence of this ever-changing natural environment and the geographic isolation of New Zealand combine to give its artists a strong sense of place and a youthful energy not often seen in other parts of the world. While being physically cut off from the rest of the world undoubtedly has its downsides, this distance still provides an opportunity to incubate distinctively New Zealand ideas without being swamped by global influences.

Jamie Bennett, Stone Ridge, New York, USA

Work Space nº7

You are looking into my studio from my enameling and drawing area in the near side of the room, with the jewelry benches and soldering in the far side.

Royal Peanuts

One on One nº15

A queen wearing Dutch regional jewelry or a necklace made from ceramic peanuts: It seems like a joke. Yet Dutch Queen Máxima has discovered the power of jewelry. Apparently, besides wearing exclusive fine jewelry and inherited royal jewels, she enjoys dressing up and adorning herself for certain occasions.

Melanie Isverding: In Other Smiles

Gallery Loupe at The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross, New York, New York, USA

I take the stones and crush them. I pulverize them. They don’t only represent the material they would normally be reduced to... You put certain things into the cage to protect them.

Emma Leonard, Bournemouth, UK

Work Space nº6

This corner is mine, and no matter how hard I try otherwise, it seems I work best with a busier workspace to inspire me.

Offerings: A Portrait of Wang Zhenghong

According to Wang Zhenghong, the wearer performs a symbolical act by wearing her sculptures, turning the inside of his or her body to the outside. Western viewers might not have access to this part of interpretation, but this does not seem to bother her. She even perceives it as an advantage that her jewelry may be filled with different meanings depending on the viewer’s location and cultural background.

Anew Negotiation: Thai Contemporary Wearable Art

First, a snapshot: Anew Negotiation presents works by eight jewelers aged from their twenties to forties, with different origins, education, interests, and, importantly, markedly different status in their country: This catholicity gives a clue to the liveliness of the infant Thai contemporary jewelry scene. What is so impressive is the sheer diversity of the work. There is no house style, no hint of that unspoken consensus that can run through an artistic group like a virus, fatally limiting individual achievement.

Casey Sheppard, Los Angeles, California, USA

Work Space nº5

I want my spaces to be filled with personal inspiring items; helps keep me grounded after long hours alone on the computer or at the workbench.

Thierry Vendome

Paris, France

I delight in introducing raw materials into my work, materials that are traditionally foreign to jewelry. I especially try not to distort their natural shape in order to preserve their respective essential forces.

From the Forum