Maureen Faye-Chauhan: Concurrence

Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Australia

The idea of “concurrence” relates of course to several things happening at the same time. One is the reoccurrence of certain patterns in nature and in art; two is having several bodies of work forming alongside of each other; and third is the emergence of different techniques.

Symmetry Is the Work of the Devil

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you wear matching earrings but not matching bracelets? How is it that the earring was a status symbol relating to breastfeeding in one cultural context, but in another it provides tags for sexual preference? What is the origin of the earring pair?

Pat Flynn

J. Cotter Gallery, Vail, Colorado, USA

I wanted to make work that was more intimate, objects that were in contact with the wearer’s skin. That was the original impetus for the bracelets. I like that my work is worn.

Hanna Hedman, Stockholm, Sweden

Work Space nº3

There is a special power to many of these tools, as they were passed on to my studio from a retired silversmith now in his 80s. I am sure that some were passed on to him as well.

Emmanuel Lacoste: The Seven Deadly Sins

Art Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia

"In my opinion, these seven sins shape the frame of human weakness because we wouldn’t be what we are without them. These sins are not really forbidden acts, but more what Thomas Aquinas used to call “passions” that submit us to temptation. What underlies these sins is desire, and what kind of object could be a better medium for desire than a jewelry piece?"

A Scrapbook Full of Stories

"...Where European and American jewelers were inspired by contemporary art, the street inspired the makers at Fingers, and where European and American jewelers appreciated an individual signature... Fingers members were searching for a joint Pacific identity..."

Sigurd Bronger: In Between

Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I look around and often find myself in absurd situations. Each new absurd experience teaches me more about myself—through how I react and how I behave.

Jonathan Wahl: Gem Drawings

Sienna Patti at Pulse, New York, New York, USA

For me, beauty is very important. I am seduced by beautiful things and I do want to make beautiful things. Allure and seduction are powerful.

Zip It! How One Necklace Silenced Twitter

One on One nº13

Each award-show season, a virtual community of jewelry enthusiasts gathers around hash tags to observe and assess red-carpet arrivals in real time. Calling a trend is a sport. Being irritated when jewelers aren’t credited is de rigueur. There are even drinking games based on catchphrases and clichés. 

10 Most Exciting Up-and-Comers at Munich Jewelry Week 2015

One of the most exciting aspects of Munich Jewelry Week is the discovery of new talent. Sometimes we discover new artists for ourselves who are not so new (in fact some of our “emerging artists” were exhibiting in Schmuck at the Messe) but they present a body of work that casts them in a new light. But oftentimes, Munich is a coming-out party for recent graduates who have been working all year long for their grand debut. Here we have asked our trusted collaborators to shine the spotlight on 10 artists who show great promise for the future.

From the Forum